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i7 12th Gen 1260P Long Boot Times


Please can anyone tell me why my new Samsung Galaxy Book Pro2 360  i7 12th Gen Evo 1260P boot times are slower than my Galaxy Book Pro 360 i5 11th Evo Gen ?

I purchased the Galaxy Book Pro2 350 i7 to improve performance but it is worse than my old i5 Galaxy Book Pro Laptop.

For example it takes - 12 to 13 Seconds to boot the i7 yet only 6 Seconds to boot my i5. The i5 (8gb and 256gb) is more responsive that the i7 (16gb and 512gb).


Summary - Two Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360's Both 13.3 inch. Running Windows 11 Pro. Removal of all unwanted apps, unwanted services, start-up of unwanted services disabled, background running apps disabled, etc, etc. Both machines have an identical system set-up. All MS, Samsung and Bios updates installed. The BIOS version on the i7 is PO7VAB

Even when all non MS programs are disabled in MSconfig, there is no improvement.


Is there a more recent BIOS update for the i7 12th Gen 1260P than my existing version, which is P07VAB 

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These are all good questions -- for Samsung. They own the laptop design and they own the BIOS implementation, so they are the ones who need to be consulted.


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I have contacted Samsung technical support but the advice level is very basic (ie they said make sure your drivers are up to date, all Samsung, Intel and MS updates installed, etc). After that the advice is - do a factory reset, but after installing some 50gb of files, Office 2021, email accounts, etc, that is a lot of work that might not gain any improvement.


My basic question is why is the i5 11th edition so much more alive at boot than the i7 12th ?

Also the intel Bios update check seems very complicated. The basis Intel auto update indicates everything is up to date.


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"My basic question is why is the i5 11th edition so much more alive at boot than the i7 12th ?"

Just because you see this "behavior" on one system, this is not enough to say this is proof of such as thing...

Perhaps the laptop 12th gen BIOS goes to an additional "pre-boot" test that the other laptop doesn't... there are a number of possibilities that can be considered and or discarded and only Samsung can help you to debug that...

And "boot time" is not a thing to worry about for "performance"... for me, most important is actual performance when running an app or doing something "processing demanding" ...


"Is there a more recent BIOS update for the i7 12th Gen 1260P than my existing version, which is P07VAB"

No one but Samsung can tell you that... BIOSs are only gotten from the system manufacturer... Samsung built the laptop, so only they provide BIOS updates for the said laptop, you won't find a BIOS update on Intel's website for laptops built by Samsung, Dell, Acer, none any other 3rd party vendor...

If you're not happy with the generic or basic answer they sent you, reply back and let their answers didn't help... you have a product from them and they should provide you with the necessary support...

PD: I know, Samsung's support in the computer market is one of the worst... you just need to see their websites and the lack of documentation and downloads is proof of this poor support... but, they are the ones that you need to contact regarding these questions... Sorry, and remember this the next time you consider buying a laptop from them...


"The basis Intel auto-update indicates everything is up to date"

If you mean the Intel DSA tool, this tool may offer you updates for graphics or wireless, but it won't offer BIOS updates or other types of drivers or firmware that are only provided by the laptop manufacturer...


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Thank you for responding, much appreciated.


The additional layer of security on the Intel 12th Gen Evo boards could explain why boot times are longer.

The problem for Samsung and Intel in all this is that customer perceptions after spending £1400 are not good.

ie Voice of the customer.


I still do not have any real technical explanations from Samsung UK so I have sent an email to the CEO. Customer feedback is always important.

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