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i7-6700k freezing and how I SOLVED!

Greetings people,

I had the same problem as many others, a constant freezing with my i7-6700k, but I manage to solve the issue in a strange way. I had freezings almost instant wen I stated the pc and loading the windows 10, sometimes I manage to hold for 15min. I do NOT pretend that this is universal for everybody and that i should resolve the freezing on all the systems that suffer from it. It is addressed to people who own gigabyte and some with the asus motherboards who have the same problem, of course any other person is free to try it and I hope that it will work.

First my configuration:

cpu: i7-6700k

motherboard: gigabyte Z270-HD3P

ram: 2x corsair 4gb 2400mhz

os: windows 10

How it started:

I had no problems with the computer, but I wanted to update the bios wich was required by intel becouse of the HT problem and for that reason I had to install the gigabytes tools for the bios updating and the APP center utility. The first time I did it it was everything ok, but after the restart that the bios update has required the problems started. First I noticed that there was a change between the bios cpu frequency and the gigabyte app centre! I use my i7-6700k at 4.5ghz and in the bios this was the shown clock speed, but everytime I logged intio windows I saw some different results it was setted to a 4.2ghz and the system didnt even manage to crash and restart it was freezing. Then I went back in the bios and the speed there was again 4.5ghz and again in windows 4.2ghz. I saw that like 5-6times.

How did I fixed it:

Of course I though there was a problem in this gigabyte app centre it was somehow pushing his settings over the bios wich was very strange. I uninstalled everything from the gigabyte app centre by using uninstaling software who tracked the registry entries and everything related with the gigabyte app centre and I removed it all. The drivers wich came with the motherboard was ok and I didnt touch them. Then I went to the bios and set the clock speed to default settings logged back in windows and everything was fine, I had no crashes. After 2 days of testing I setted the clock speed again to 4.5ghz and everything went like it was before the problems. From almost a week now I dont have a single freezing, not even one!

So guys just uninstall the additional software that you installed from the motherboard cd or the web sites from the manufacturers with a good solid deep uninstall and never..I do mean never install them again! I found on the motherboard cd intel extreem tuning utility and I had no problems with it, its actually a good program and I like it, with it you can also confirm the clock setting difference.

The strange thing here is that I had to buy an aditional cpu G4560 just to test the system. I noticed that the behaviour that I described above was ONLY for the i7-6700k and not for the G4560, maybe becouse the i7 was unlocked and the clock speeds was different in both bios and gigabyte app centre in windows.

The manufacturer software is giving some conflicts with the bios and thats a issue that intel should fix asap!

Dear intel,

Insted of sending free TONS of cpu samples to a bunch of vloggers, bloggers, journalists and people like them, you should do send us some of the new lines as a compensation, becouse I had to buy 2 cpus, test for weeks, went to pc serviz shops and basicly to not be able to use my pc (after the money I spend for it) for a month and that is not correct! Atleast some of us, the normal users, will report the real problems of your products that you didnt even tested as it supposed to and even sometimes, just sometimes, we can manage to fix some buggs that you missed!

The advices intel is giving like, "update your drivers", "remove your sleep mode" are not fixing anything!

P.S: I dont know if any other user came to this conclussion before me! It is very possible that alot of people had the same idea.

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Regarding "The manufacturer software is giving some conflicts with the bios and thats a issue that intel should fix asap!", this has NOTHING to do with Intel! Both the software and the BIOS are from the board manufacturer. It is thus their problem to resolve, not Intel's. Similarly, don't blame Intel for the additional cost that you incurred. Intel had nothing to do with it. Go after your board manufacturer; it is their issue that caused this problem. Purchasing a second processor was your decision, not Intel's - and not a very good decision as far as I am concerned. Finally, you complain about the advice from intel Customer Support as being bad. Well, they have no control over this software or BIOS, so of course they have no context for the issue and thus all they can do is give generic suggestions.



You have a point! Major flaw found in Intel CPUs and HT that required the bios update was also somebody else`s problem, not to mention that this was the root of the problem! Of course nothing to do with Intel! This bios fix that was recommended probably was ALSO the board manucaturer fault! Not to mention i7-6700k freezings related with every single board manufacturer is again NOT intels fault! Finally, you speak about advice, well to be honest if one advice isnt giving a possitive results it is a bad one and there is NO matter who is giving it.

Purchasing a second processor was my decision to make something that was not working into something better and I do not need your opinion or judgment on thUs particulare matter.


Community Manager

Hello psv1


Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities.

I am sorry to hear you faced some troubles related to the troubleshooting of this matter. I understand you wanted to have the system working as desired.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us back.




Esteban C