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i7-7700 Fails IPDT Linux Test with Temperature too high


I have 2 units of i7-7700 processors which we are running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and while using the IPDT Linux version with Fedora OS to test the Processors,both CPU kept failing the test due to Temperature reaches 100 Degree Celcius. I also notice that the idle CPU temp for Linux is 10 degree higher (around 45 degrees) than when the system is running on windows.

To make sure it is the processor issue, I switch to Windows 7 64 bit and ran IPDT windows version again and this time the temperature stays within the 80 Degree range.

Can anyone suggest if I should RMA the CPUs since I need them running on Linux?

The system information as below::

Motherboard: Gigabyte B150N-GSM

RAM: Crucial DDR4 2400 16GB

Graphics: GTX-1050Ti

CPU Fan: Factory default

Room temp: 26



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Hi JackLo: Thank you very much for contacting the Intel® Processors communities. We will do our best to assist you with this matter.



In regard to your inquiry, just to let you know, the operating system that was tested by Intel as fully compatible with the Intel® i7-7700 processor is Windows. All the tests done on the processor were done with that specific platform. When you use a different OS, like in this case Fedora, there could be a misreading and the information provided by the tool might not be that accurate.



The T-junction for this processor is 100°C, the fact that the temperature reported by the Intel® PDT was 80°C when using Windows® 7, it indicates the processor should b working fine:



For this type of scenario what we recommend is to contact the Fedora or Linux forums where you will get peer to peer assistance and further information on this subject:



Any further questions, please let me know.





Alberto R


Super User Retired Employee

I do not know if it is related, but there was a report filed elsewhere that would seem to have indicated that the fan speed control programming done by the BIOS was getting disabled or overwritten by Linux and the fan(s) stop (fully) responding. This could point to a bug in the lm-sensors support; I am unsure.

Another possibility is that the power management support in Linux is being somehow disabled and this results in heat being present that is not there when running Windows.