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i7 7700k temp spikes should i Underclock my cpu? disable boost?

Hello Intel i have been saving money for 3 years so i could upgrade my i7 920 it was getting very dated.

so after reading many reviews it looked like a 7700 was faster then the AMD 1800x for gaming and being a Intel Fan boy it was a easy buy.

so now 2 months later and i'm unable to get the temp spikes under control i upgraded to a water cooler did't seem to help.

whats the deal here is this normal. should i even be playing games on this system i see temps jump to 85C when loading a level then back to 40c a few seconds later.

as someone who only makes money cutting lawns and doing odd jobs i feel like i spent a lot of money on this CPU and to see spikes like this freaks me out a bit.

i don't want it burning up in a year as i can't replace this cpu if it fails.

what does intel suggest i do with this should i underclock the cpu or lower the stock voltage? or should i just sell the system and buy a PS4

Sorry for the spelling im only 15 years old

can i return this CPU for a lower option that is not going to overheat each time a level loads

its getting really hard to be a Intel fanboy when all my AMD buddys are running lower temps better FPS then me and at cheaper price tag

can someone from intel please contact me .

Thanks for taking the time to read this

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Community Manager

Hello Jimdebo,



Thank you for contacting Intel Communities.



Of course, we can definitely help you with your questions.



Actually, this is an expected behavior, and I wouldn't worry about this, you can review the following post regarding this topic:



/message/471425# 471425 Re: Thermal sensor issue i7-7700k?



In addition, you can check the following article regarding overheating issues: Frequently Asked Questions about Temperature for Intel® Desktop and Mobile Processors Computer Is Overheating Warning Signs



I hope this information helps.



Please don't hesitate in contacting us back if you need further assistance.



Best Regards,


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New Contributor III

Hi Jim,

As the intel rep says this is normal behavior for these processors.

So i would advise against lowering the clock speeds or disabling boost.

As for the gaming performance of this vs Ryzen... Ryzen does now offer some decent performing chips at a price point most people want, but it does not outperform the 7700k at gaming.

So if you are having lower fps than your buddies there are 2 possible reasons. One is you are using a less powerful GPU, the other being that people tend to exaggerate their fps when speaking with others.

If neither of the above are true, then it might be a configuration issue on your system. If that is the case you can private message me and I will do my best to resolve the issue.

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Community Manager

Hi Jimdebo,



I was reviewing this thread and I wanted to know if you need further assistance?



Best Regards,


Juan V.
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