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i9-13900K Hard Crash during gameplay

I’ve been struggling with intel 13th gen CPUs for months and months now and I have no clue why.

I’ve gone through 2 mother boards, 4 kits of RAM, 2 power supplies, and two GPUs.

I’ve tried countless bios changes and tweaks and still I am having issues.

I’m on a brand new i9-13900K that is shutting off my pc during gameplay seemingly at random no blue screen even.

I’ve tried setting the power limits to 253, amps to 307, TJMax to 100, core voltage to 1.20 and offset to -0.070

I’ve set the ram to base clocks, I’ve set it to 6000, I can’t even get XMP enabled.

I’m on an Aorus z790 xtreme running the latest bios, 64GB of corsair dominator platinum in quad channel at 6400MHz, 1000Watt 80+Gold PSU.

I’m at a complete loss and I’m out of money to throw at the problem.
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