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i9-13900T 1100mhz issues installing software that requires 1500mhz


Trying to install CCure9000 client at my workstation at my company. We bought the best processor thinking it would be enough to drive all our software. But when installing we get prompet with "The program requires a minimum of 1.5ghz system processor. Please upgrade your system and try again".

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Hi, Usten.

Thank you for posting in our Community.

The software you're trying to install has a minimum system processor requirement of 1.5GHz, while your i9-13900T processor operates at 1.1GHz. Have you checked if there are any BIOS settings that can boost the processor speed? This will help us isolate the issue. Are there any updates available for the CCure9000 client software that may relax the minimum system processor requirement? Also, Is there any possibility of adjusting the performance settings on your workstation to meet the software's requirements?


Moreover, I'd like to delve deeper and verify specifics like the graphics models, precise driver versions, and any system errors. Utilizing the Intel SSU tool will enable us to collect detailed information about your system setup, which could aid in identifying the underlying cause of this issue.


Looking forward to your response. Have a nice day!


Best regards,

Von M.

Intel Customer Support Technician

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