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ideas for the next gen cpu for the future


hi intel i am here to give you some ideas for the next gen cpu 2019 or 2020 ect for the all the cpu and i9 extreme editions

1.make a next gen smart turbo boost 4 that can reduce time processing ,delay and lag and acelerate the frecuency in real time and any feature the cpu have

2.make the next gen cpu run in real time hardware is more faster that software. if i am not wrong for real time processing gaming and rendering in 4k or 8k

3.make real time graphics rendering and quality

4.i think is time that your cpu dont over heat is time that your cpu have extreme low heat for extreme performance and higher ghz 5ghz or highter

5.make all you cpu real full quad core for all core that mean if the cpu have for exmaple 24 core means all core will run in quad core for extreme peformance

6.i think is time to make a new next gen turbo Hyper Threading tech better that you all ready use

7.full support next gen direct x 12.1 or direct x 13 hardware gen smart heat cpu sensor real time monitor gen cpu network 512bit network protocols protection and extreme stavility network real time processing gen full support display hz not limit this mean any display hz can be use for the graphics like 60hz, 120hz 144hz 180hz 200hz 240hz and more highter with no problems gen smart turbo cache hardware real time processing and why not add L4 or L5 so the cpu have more channels processing so the cpu will have for exmaple ( cache L1 30mb ,L2 30mb L3 30mb L4 30mb and L5 30 mb )

12.make a new direct turbo memory to reduce extreme time for super fast memory processing for extreme gaming and heavy load and extreme graphics

13.make next gen cpu support memory 5000mhz memory laptop gaming cpu and for desktop pc gaming

14. make a next gen turbo smart PCI express lanes i see that the i7 8700k have 16 pci express line so you can make for the next gen have like 64 pci line or more highter

15 make real core and real threads

16.make sure cpu dont reduce the full performance not even for heat temp or ect

17.make a extreme multitasking

18.make cpu more secure to prevent exploit or attacks

19 make a new profecional control panel intel so you can see ect in real time cpu ghz ,cores ,temp and ect

ect just helping so you can make better strong cpu for real gaming in real time and brocad live streaming in real time

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Hello kakashi2000,



Thank you for joining this Intel Community and taking your time to provide us with your valuable feedback. I will forward this information to the proper department so that you can continue making the most out of our products.



Wanner G.
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