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idle speed of i9-10850K



I just recently changed my CPU from a I5-10600 to a I9-10850K same mother board Asus Z490-f. I notice at idle with no or as little as 1-2% CPU usage my CPU jumps constantly up to 4800mhz it does drop down to 800mhz briefly and jumps around some times 1500 or 2000 or 3000mhz is this normal? at idle? I didn't notice on the i5-10600 as I wasn't looking, just noticed on the I9, temps seem to be fine around 50 degC while this is happening. When I game it seems to stay at 4800mhz constantly which I am assuming is good and temps seem to be fine around the 60degC mark. I am using a Noctua NH-D15 chromax black for cooling and getting the info from CPU-Z. I am new to this PC thing, but thought I would check. I have googled the issue and I can see other people have this happen with other CPU's also, some say it's fine and normal others say I need to reinstall windows? hoping I don't have to do that. the I9 is running stock also 

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Hey @danos01 


Hope you are doing well.


I understood that you are pretty confused about our processor's idle speed, which is Intel® Core™ i9-10850K.


As you have checked and told the frequencies are normal as the following are the details related  to your processor :



The Max temp is also OK as for your processor it is 100 degrees.


Apart from that, you can check your processor health using Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool


No need to reinstall windows or change cooling system or the processor itself .




Shivam_ Shobhit

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Hi Shivam, thanks for the reply. Much appreciated. 

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