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inject 11th boot.wim 21h1


I have several HP EliteBook 470 G8 with an intel 11th gen processor.

I want to make a clean installation. Therefore, I download the Windows 10 tool and create a pen containing the Windows 10 21H1.

I boot the pen, but the pen does nor recognize the disk, or rather, probably the chipset.

I find the drivers, unpack them, use F6, everything works.

So far so good. But what I want, is to inject the drivers into the boot.wim of the pen.

I have downloaded and tried 5 og 6 different driver. I have tried them all, starting from scratch every time. All of them worked when using the F6 method. All of them injected perfectly without any errors. None of them recognize the disk/chipset when booting.

Please help. Where do I find Intel 11th gen drivers that I can inject into the boot.wim of a Windows 10-20H1 so that I can boot the pen without using the F6 option?

Someone surgested that I had to remove some of Microsoft's original drivers to make this work. But what to remove?



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BurDenmark, Thank you for posting in the Intel® Communities Support.

In reference to this scenario, in order to gather the information and instructions that you are looking for, you can either get in contact directly with HP support, since they provide all the drivers, customized, tested, and validated for your platform:


Or, since you are currently working with the "Windows 10 tool" as well, you can also get in contact directly with Microsoft support for them to provide further suggestions and assistance on this matter:

Just in case, you will find all the drivers provided by Intel® for download on our official website:


Any questions, please let me know.


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician


Hello Albert.
Thanks for replying. You are right; Microsoft or HP should have the answer. However, so far I have reached a dead end. That’s why I tried Intel. I hoped maybe you heard of the problem – and had a solution. I will keep looking and searching.



Hello BurDenmark, You are very welcome, thank you very much for sharing those updates.

"However, so far I have reached a dead end", we are sorry to hear that, about this situation. 

"That’s why I tried Intel. I hoped maybe you heard of the problem – and had a solution", yes, no problem at all, we completely understand. From our side, that is our best recommendation, to keep checking directly with them.

"I will keep looking and searching.", excellent, we really hope that you will be able to find the solution for this scenario.

Any other inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us again.


Albert R.

Intel Customer Support Technician