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intel 4004 vs i7 2600 k

Hello everybody.




We are far from intel 4004 is the discovery of the first intel processor. Personally I started with Pentium 1 and I have never experienced any kind of mishap. I tell you



@the first intel processor that looses me for no apparent reason, the motherboard works but the processor is over.



I ask repair customer service who are professional I am told that my processor is no longer guaranteed.



ok ok but a repair paid no worries (impossible sir at intel we repair not replace)



but the processor in all this on its technical sheet the intel 2600k has an overload protection ok but if it did not work



I think right now has a hidden screw from intel that my processor has dropped or you have to give me an answer why the processor has dropped and not the motherboard I've never seen that



in the past I have already seen a dropped processor but with the motherboard too (an atlhon xp home amd).

bonjour tout le monde.

On es loin du intel 4004 est la découverte du premier processeur de chez intel. Personnellement j ai commencé avec le pentium 1 et je n ai jamais connu se genre de mésaventure. je vous raconte

le premier processeur intel qui me lâche sans raison apparente, la carte mère fonctionne mais le processeur est over.

Je demande réparation au service client qui sont professionnel on me dis que mon processeur n est plus garantie.

ok d'accord mais une réparation payante pas de soucis (impossible monsieur chez intel on repare pas on remplace)

mais le processeur dans tout ça sur sa fiche technique le intel 2600k a une protection anti surcharge ok mais si elle n a pas fonctionné

je pense tout de suite a un vis caché de chez intel qui fais que mon processeur a lâché sinon il faut me donner une réponse de pourquoi le processeur a lâché et pas la carte mère je n ai jamais vue ça

par le passé j ai déjà vue un processeur lâché mais avec la carte mère aussi ( un atlhon xp de chez amd).

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Is there a question here? Please state clearly what you are asking.

If I can try and guess what you are asking, your processor Intel® Core™ i7-2600K Processor (8M Cache, up to 3.80 GHz) Product Specifications Is seven years old and no longer under warranty and it is not supported. And, it has nothing to do with the 4004.



Yes, how many intel 4004 faulty sir

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I have no idea, and there is no data from 47 years ago. There is no need for this information, especially when you are asking about an i7-2600K.

Personally speaking, this is a ridiculous question and serves no purpose. If you have a specific question about your I7-2600K, then ask it. Otherwise, please move on.

If you want to do research on the 4004, search the web. Also, look here: The Story of the Intel® 4004

Doc (I am not an Intel employee)


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