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intel I7-10700 Tempeture problems


I bought a computer not two long ago, a bit less than a month, and eversince I got it I realized that the CPU overheats really fast. At idle the tempeture sits around 45C and it does not move form there unless I open up something, an app, a game even a notification can make the tempeture move although just barely. The problem is that games, specially online games, make the tempeture go real high 75-88C at best, I have seen it go pass 90C at times, and I´m real worried about whatever could happen to my computer and the fact that I can barely use it since most thing make it overheat, but it is weird, the tempeture spikes up really fast but just as quickly does it cool down the moment I close the game or app in question in about a minute the tempeture goes  back to around 45C. With online games, an example I can give is that, I open valorant and just as it loads the game client it goes to 76C and when in game it can go higher than 90C, but I can play DMC5 in about meddium setting and the tempeture stays around 68-75C depending on how much I play. 

So I am just baffled at could be happening, I have an air cooler, a cool master 212 Spectrum, plus I bought 3 case fans, some Munfrost solar wind, and the tempeture doesn´t go down, the case fans did work, somewhat, but the tempetures are still crazy high. 

So if someone has any idea of what could be happening please tell me.

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These are perfectly normal temperatures and you do not need to be unduly concerned.

The way that Intel has it spec'ed now says: if, at peak load, the temperature is not reaching its Tjmax (maximum junction temperature, roughly 100c), then this is considered normal. Obviously, the further away from Tjmax you stay, the better; if you are seeing temperatures sitting around 90c with only short duration spikes above that, then everything is fine.


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