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intel core i5 2410m intel HD Graphics 3000 does support OpenGL3.3, but only on Windows 7. Help with the driver for Windows 10


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драйверов на windows 10 я так понимаю можно не ждать?


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All 2nd gen Intel Core and earlier intel processors are not supported on Windows 10. This necessarily means that Intel HD Graphics 3000 is not supported on Windows 10. Intel does not provide drivers for this combination. For more information, consult these articles: Does My Intel Processor Support Windows 10? and Microsoft Processor Support in Windows 10.


The only driver that will support Intel HD Graphics 3000 is the compatibility driver provided inbox by Microsoft. This driver has a lot of performance and software compatibility issues, one of them being that its OpenGL support is *very* out of date. Microsoft has indicated that they will *NOT* be providing updates for this driver.


Bottom line, what you see is what you get. If you really need later OpenGL support, you are going to have to either downgrade to Windows 8.1 or upgrade your processor, motherboard and memory.


Sorry, reality bites,


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