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intel pentium dual core t2330 1.6 GHz - Up-grade-able??

I am new to this forum so im not sure if im posting in the rite place.....but here is my issue... im using a hp compaq C751nr laptop and this is the stock is really simply horrible....i is only good for basic aplications....ive upgraded my ram up to 2 gigs....but i cant even play the most bottom line games with issues with lag....therefore i want to not sure if i can and i would love some surgestions to wat i should upgrade to...please help me out any inof will help... thankyou

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Any discussion of upgrading your processor should probably start with the manufacturer (or OEM) of your system (HP/Compaq?). See what they recommend (if anything). Your options will depend upon which chipset (CPU socket) you have as well as what processors the system BIOS will support. You can check the processors that are comparable to your processor on, but if the BIOS currently only supports the T2330, then you'll have to get an updated BIOS from the OEM for a new processor to work. In addition, any assistance you require in the actual process of swapping out the CPU and thermal interface material would have to come from the OEM (system manufacturer).

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Try using readyboost off most flash drives, it will help your games run somewhat smoother.

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Go to the HP Parts surfer and look up all the parts for your modle and that list will tell you what the up-grade options are , I have a DV-9023 , it came with a t-5200 1.6 core 2 duo. Looked it up and found I could use a T-7200. with changing anything but the CPU.