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intel(r) extreme tuning utility restart my pc after tset for 2 second < plz !!!


I have a problem that I never found a solution to
I have installed Windows 10 times
There are no viruses
Windows is original

This is the computer parts and this is the first computer I've ever installed:

CPU i9-13900k
M/B: msi mpg z790 carbon wifi
RAM: Corsair Vengeance DDR5 32gb - 7200Mhz (2x16gb)
SSD: Samsung 990 PRO 2TB PCIe NVMe Gen4
PSU: Corsair HX Series HX1000, 1000 Watt, 80+ Platinum

The problem is with the program: (intel(r) extreme tuning utility) latest version
I can't do a cpu stress test.
I can't do a benchmark
As soon as I press test, the computer restarts itself, and when I start it again, it restarts again
This means I can't test the processor!!!!
Even some processor test programs reboots
Does this mean there is a problem with the processor?
Also, the power of the RAM has been reduced, and the same problem
The bios is the latest version
Although I have not seen any problems using the computer so far
I can do anything but test the processor
Is the problem because there is no graphics card?
Because he has not arrived yet



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If it crashes after 2 seconds of stress testing then your computer is obviously unstable.  I assume you're using a built in (integrated) video output for now, which should be fine for now.

If not using default settings (like you overclocked it) then reset back to defaults until you can get your system stable enough to pick and choose small settings changes.  If this fixes things, then start making 1 change at a time and testing.  If something makes it crash then that setting can't be that low (or however you just changed it).

If you're worried about your RAM as an issue test it for a long time (like overnight) with something like memtest86+ (or one of the things that is similar...there are 2-3 versions out there, with one from Passmark and 2 others being 100% free open source things).  It specializes in only testing memory, and it does that job very well.  I've had stability problems before that were easily found with this kind of tool.  And later it helped certify that I'd fixed it with BIOS setting changes.

When trying to troubleshoot something you want to limit what you change or are testing.  Like if you find RAM issues, you'd do the same thing but with only 1 stick installed.  Until you find which stick is the problem.  Or what settings are the problem if the results don't reliably fail the same way.

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