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maybe over heat issue on i7 6700 HQ cpu ?




Recently the cPU of this i7 6700 HQ 4 cores temperature is near 90 to 92, as high as 96 C.  when its running many software video etc.  

However the CPUP usage is near 60 to 80%.    

How would i know its overheated and it is throttling the cpu internally?  


How high is too high for this CPU?


It is in a those mini size PC using this mobile cpu.     

Im thinking of changing the adhere , maybe the original isnt good or maybe fan isnt good enough.   Trying to lower it to 60 or so .    

What do you recommend

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Your Tjmax (maximum junction temperature, which is the point where thermal throttling will be invoked automatically) is somewhere in the vicinity of 100c (an app like CoreTemp or AIDA64 or HWiNFO will be able to tell you exactly what it is), so seeing temperatures in the 90c range (and only spikes as high as 96c) is perfectly normal and not too concerning. You can look at replacing the TIM if you realy want it get it to stay lower, but it isn't absolutely necessary. I usually look at the idle temperature to make a decision regarding TIM replacement. If the idle temperature is below, say, 50c (better below 40c), then you are ok. If this is staying higher that, say, 55c, then you definitely need to replace the TIM.

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im uisng open hardware to tempereture.    I gusss need another software to see if it is thortling?  

It shows minimum temperature of 34 to 38C for 4 cores.     Is it the idling temperature ?     I just reset it and see how it ggoes.

If 100 c is the throttling, then it is close since while im runing everything is is around 88 to 92 c,   spike as high as 96(not sure if itis under throttling).  

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You've got to hit your Tjmax before any throttling will occur. You can use an app like ThrottleStop to check for this. The fact that you are spiking to 96c is not necessarily an issue. How are your other system temperatures?



Everything else is max at 54C, and stay around 50 C or so.  Even i close most software down, and cpu is at 10% load,  the GPU temperature stay around 45C.     and CPU is around 58 to 60C .     

maybe if i competely turn everything off and just window itself is open might back to 40 ish C.   


The thing is if i run everything, i feel little sligush when i open one o two software, and the cpu is near 90 ishC all the time, that's why im wondering if CPU is throttle, and i need to do somehitng about it.     

Also in long run lower temperature should keep the CPU run longger in long run.  correct?


after using throttle stop to undervolt 5 items by 125mv,  it seeems when i load everything like before, the cpu has lower temperature and compter is more responsive.    Looks like it was thorttle little bit at some point when its near 96 C.   


If i want to change the adhere at the CPU, which one to choose ,  should i change the FAN as well?