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minha placa-mãe ea STI 005492, mas como disseram esse nao eo verdadeiro modelo dela, nela propia vem que e IPM 31,qual processador soquete 775 posso usar para substituir o atual e3300 2.50ghz ?

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What processors can be used with the board is determined by the BIOS. Since this is not an Intel product, we cannot provide you with a concrete list. What we do know is that it is a 3 Series board and these supported most Wolfdale family processors. Here is a list of the processors in this family: The Xeon processors likely won't work, but any of the others might be supported. I found one hit that indicated that an E7500 was being used with the board.


I personally think that this is a waste of money. While you can improve the processor somewhat, you are still going to be severely limited by the max. 4GB of DDR2 memory supported by the board. You really need to be thinking about getting something significantly newer...



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