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processor with more ipc and with intel HD audio

Hi I am Rupesh from India and I want to buy a new PC.

At present I am using PC with amd processor 12 mb cache and it's performance is extreme even at high loads.

I want a processor from intel with more cache and any specialized architecture like bulldozer.

I heard that intel has incorporated intel HD audio into their processors.

I want a processor with 4 cores which is enough for me but I want l3 cache more than 8mb.

In the amd website they have specified that ryzen processors have more ipc ie., more instructions per cycle. Ryzen is the successor to buldozer.

Can you specify any processor with 4 cores and ddr4 memory support and upto 8mb l3 cache and with intel HD audio support.
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I don't give recommendations, but you should look at the new Alder Lake 12th gen processors.