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reading results of ipdt test

I have a Lenovo thinkpad L412 and downloaded the IPDT from Intel to run, as I was having problems with intermittent shutdowns in windows 10. I have the 1511 update installed. The processor is the Intel I 5 520 m 2.40 g. This is the allandale processor. With 4g of ram. The test runs and reports fail at Prime Number, Floating Point and Math. In looking this up ,I can find nothing to tell me If this Is a failing processor. The only other thing that shows up is : Module Vis Particle exe error 255. Lenovo never ran anything to support the L412 for Windows 10. So the drivers are from Microsoft and some are from 2006.I suspect that the shutdowns are from the graphics, but can't prove it. I cannot run the 1709 anniversary update as it gets worse. I have checked and replaced the ram and cleaned the fan and vents. Replaced the thermal paste. This is a fresh install of Windows 10.

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Intel doesn't officially support Windows 10 on platforms this old, so indeed you must be running on the Microsoft compatibility drivers. If you run into any problems, you are on your own; Microsoft will not help you either; their stance appears to be: if it works, great; if it doesn't, don't call us; if you call, we don't respond (and folks tell me they don't).




Thank you for the support. I must note that this is my wife's computer. It originally had Windows 7. Then if was upgraded to 8 and when Microsoft starting pushing Windows 10, she went for it. It does run more stable on the 1511 build than on the more recent ones. In checking around ,I noted that Intel had a math problem with the older pentium processors. But that was back in 1994.I'll probably have to live with this or buy a Windows 7 disk and revert back. I note that as far as the IPDT from Intel. There's not much documentation on reading the report, ether on the web or from Intel.