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satellite c655-s5049 CPU upgrade celeron to T9400


hello (about : Toshiba Satellite),

i read, i thought from Intel documentation, that the laptop c655-s5049 could be upgraded from a celeron to T9400.  So, i bought 2 cheap, used T9400's.  the first one shut the computer off - no bios . .  The second keeps turning on and shutting off the laptop indefinitely.  the CPU's both cost less than $10 each.  Is it the CPU's (damaged).  i thought i got read the document from Intel Corporation's documentation website, but when i put the hard-drive in the new computer, i erased and reinstalled windows so, i lost the material.  do you know where i could look in Intel's website or anywhere about upgradability of the Toshiba Satellite c655-s5049?  thanks

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Unless you read that information from Toshiba, you were misinformed.

An upgrade processor MUST be socket, chipset, AND BIOS COMPATIBLE..

Contact Toshiba and ask them which processors are compatible with your laptop bios.  Then, you can select from those processors.  Note:  An upgrade processor may require a BIOS update PRIOR to being installed.


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