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upgrade for fujitsu laptop model A1110

I have a client that I sold a fujitsu laptop A series 1110 with a T5800 dual core processor in.. he really wants to upgrade it but I won't until I do some checking. I am thinking the board will probably take an update but what would the extent I could push it to safely is another question. Any ideas?? I am throwing it out to the community, perhaps we might come up with a solution.

thanks for considering it..

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If you choose to upgrade, proceed with caution. I would highly suggest that you check with Fujitsu* first to see what the processor (CPU) upgrade options are (if any) for your particular laptop model. At a minimum, there are possible BIOS considerations (microcode update may be needed) and thermal considerations (max temp issues) depending which CPU you wish to install. I would imagine that Fujitsu has a tested (validated) CPU list for each of their laptop models. Upgrading parts in your laptop that are not recommended by your system manufacturer may void the warranty.

The Merom-based, Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5800 is rated at 85°C max. temp. There are many other Merom-based, Intel® Core™2 Duo Processors.

The following product comparison list comes from,31728,29759,37034,35581,29761,29762,31729,31728,29759,37034,35581,29761,29762,31729, The list is not a "compatibility" list for your particular laptop model, but it is a general comparison of Intel processors like the Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5800 that you are inquiring about. As you will notice, all of the other CPUs in the list - with the exception of the T5800 - are rated at 100°C max. temp.

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