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背景 10M16DCF484をターゲットに設計をしてます。 IOやLEが不足した場合、10M40DCF484へ置き換えを検討してます。 質問 1. K18、K19、K20をNCでなくIOとして基板に接続して10M16を使用して大丈夫ですか。 2. K3をGNDに接続して10M16を使用して大丈夫ですか。 参照ピン情報:10m40da.xls

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I would recommend to look to the similar thread with the topic of: Will the 5CEFA4U19 chip work without some power pins connected as suggested by the Quartus migration feature.


I would recommend to look to Intel MAX 10 FPGA Device Family Pin Connection Guidelines (


There is the following fragment as an explanation of NC pin, section Reference Pins, p.12:

Pin Name = NC, Pin Type = No Connect, Pin Description = Do not drive signals into these pins. Connection Guidelines = When designing for device migration, these pins may be connected to power, GND, or a signal trace depending on the pin assignment of the devices selected for migration. However, if device migration is not a concern, leave these pins floating.


According to the previous response in the mentioned thread from the user sreekumar.regu.girijakumari from Intel and my own experiences with MAX 10 and Arria 10 families I assume it is OK.


Regards, Martin

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Hi @KJalte2​ 


I believe this kdb will clear your doubt about connecting NC to IO:


As for K3, GND to NC, in this case your 10M40 will be lacking 1 GND pin. We do not recommend it as this is not tested.

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