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ADC recommendation for DE2-115

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I am now working on a project on FPGA-based PMU which require to use AC-Power as ADC input. I've googled for a while but these parameters of ADC really confuse me a lot. Terasic's THDB AD cards perform bad when frequency lower than 1Mhz. Is there any recommendations on AD cards that can be supported by DE2-115 (e.g connected by HSMC or GPIO) and have good performance on low input frequency(around 50,60hz)? 


Can someone help me ASAP, thanks a lot.
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Hello Irvin, 


Please be so kind to tell us a bit more about what exactly you want to do with your ADC. 

You could build a small extension board on the GPIO bus of your DE and put more or less any ADC available on the market on this board. 

Components you can find by Google, using suppliers all over the world.  

(LTC1609 / LTC 1863 ...) 

Best Regards,