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ALTLVDS_RX Cyclone IV E or MAX10



I'm trying to determine the maximum serial data rates achievable on either of the devices mentioned, just simply transmitting data. With transmitted clock I can happily achieve 300Mbps board to board. 


In principle the IP can take an asynchronous data input and CDC into the receiver clock domain, however this seems to be just with respect to the GX series of devices, I'm assuming this is because the capability to CDR is built into the transceivers, not into the LE based IP. 


So my question is.. is it possible to CDC the asynchronous data input with the IP's internal fast clock? 


For information, i'm trying the following: 

· one cable technology so single wire interface, either co-ax or twisted pair. 

· data rates of 200/300Mbps is the target 

· clock or data recovery, really data recovery will suffice. 


Thanks for reading 

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