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AVMM DMA - Arria 10 issue - couldn't find the device

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I am following instruction in this link to to transfer data from the pc to my arria 10 fpga (DE5-neta board).  

The only thing i needed to change was the pin assignment to be compatible with my board. and then i successfully compiled and programed the fpga. and after reseting the pc, lspci show the altera device there.  

at the same time, i have installed the device driver in my Linux system and changed the access mode to 666.  

however, when i run the user program it couldn't open the device!? Do you have any idea what could be wrong here ? Because apparently, the device driver installed and the board is programmed properly. I can't think of anything might be wrong here. BTW, i am using 64-bit ubuntu (4.13 dist) and compile and program the fpga with Quartus version 17.1.
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