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ActiveSerial Programming file generation



as my question is related to several sub-forums here, I am using the general Forum. 


I am trying to create a binary file to be programmed to an EPCQL device (connected to Arria10) from another processor. 


Initially I created a jic and programmed the EPCQL with the Quartus Programmer and dumped the EPCQL contents to a file. 


When generating a flash file from my sof using sof2flash, the first 12 bytes differ from the dumped file. When programming this file to the flash, the FPGA doesn't start. Can somebody tell me what data sof2flash puts there? Is there a parameter for sof2flash to change the behavior? 


Another try was to generate a rpd file using the "Convert Programming File" tool Quartus. But in this case the bit order differs compared to the previous attempts (e.g. 0x01 is 0x80, 0x02 is 0x40). Did I choose the wrong programming file type? Which would be correct? Is there a setting for bit order? 



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