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Altera cyclone 10 grade 5 speed

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I am very exited regarding new Cyclone 10 GX series, it is so nice to get >1GHz LVDS pins. 


But i have question, that i can find answer to. It is hard to push above 200MHz into internal logic with MAX10 FPGA I7 grade chip, dual power supply. 


Does any one know, with Cyclone 10 grade 5, how much bump in speed i can expect ? ( for internal logic, triggers, counters, decoders, and so on)
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I don't have a straight answer, but why don't you try downloading Quartus Pro 17.0 and try to compile similar design, and see if it fails timing? Although the timing is likely to be not finalized yet in 17.0, it can probably give you some indication 


(PS: Cyclone 10 GX does not require license in Quartus Prime Pro)