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Altera generic QUAD SPI controller on MAX10 with Micron flash N25Q064A13

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Hi all, 

I'm using a MAX10 and I'm trying to boot my NiosII processor from an external QUAD SPI flash (Micron N25Q064A13) as described in document AN730: "Nios II Processor Booting Methods in MAX 10 FPGA Devices" (Option boot 4a). 

This document tells to use the PFL (parallel flash loader) component to store the NiosII application code (NiosII C code) in the external flash memory and store the configuration data (the NiosII synthesis) in internal flash of MAX10. 


I've done two tests: one with n25q256a13 serial flash and all works but with the n25q064a13, the niosii doesn't boot. I don't understand why. 

The Quartus Programmer is able to program the N25Q064A13 (I've tried to verify the content of N25Q064A13 and the response is OK) but the NiosII doesn't boot. 


Did anyone have the same problem? If yes, which is the solution? 

Did anyone test other external flash instead Micron? 




Thanks in advance. 

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