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Arria 10 - 10AS048H3F34E2SG FBGA-1152 Documentation and BSDL


I am a test development engineer and I'm currently debugging a boundary scan solution for an assembly that uses this device. The BSDL I was able to find might not be correct or needs edits. The BSDL "10AS048HF34" I found with a search is having a issue and the BSDL I was able find through intel for 10AS048HF34 was the HPS version which doesn't provide any boundary scan functionality.

The only documentation readily available from retailers is a product family catalog that isn't helpful for development. I came to the intel site trying to find the actual documentation for the device and a BSDL but have not been successful. Simply trying to do a targeted search for the device has not been possible due to the issue in the picture I have attached. I am signed in but when I do a search it prompts me to login and doing so yields the same result when I search again.

Can anyone provide any assistance and point me in a direction where I can reliably find this information? Sorry in advance if I'm just overlooking something and making this harder than it is.

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Hi MDelaney,


You can find it in the following link, not sure this one is the one that you've visited:


Anyway, below I have attached the BSDL file.






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