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Arria 10 Fitter Error - "Cannot find a legal configuration for the following atoms"


Hi, I'm trying to compile my Arria 10 device and have instantiated a PLL module for resets and also a top level module that includes a 12 channel transceiver IP block along with a transceiver reset controller and transceiver fPLL. I'm getting the following error and am not sure how to fix it:


Error (15653): The Fitter cannot find a legal configuration for the following atoms. Update any outdated transceiver PHY IP cores, correct any illegal pin assignments, and then recompile your design.

Error (15744): In atom 'RARP_FITTER_INSERTED_PMA_CDR_PLL9'

Error (15744): The settings must match one or more of these conditions:

Error (15744): ( prot_mode != UNUSED ) OR ( one_stage_enable == S1_MODE )
Error (15744): But the following assignments violate the above conditions:
Error (15744): prot_mode = UNUSED
Error (15744): one_stage_enable = NON_S1_MODE


Does anyone know how to get past this Fitter error?

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Simple debug approach that you can try out as below.

  • Update your IP core version to match with expected Quartus version. The error message seems to be complaining about you are not using updated IP core version
  • Remove/disable all transceiver refclk and data channel pin location assignment and let Quartus auto fit it by compiling your design again
  • Reduce some transceiver channel to see if the fitter error is caused by insufficient resource issue

Ultimately, you can also share your design QAR file here then I can help to review your design.




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