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Arria V GX (5AGXMB7) with Elpida DDR3 calibration passes, doesn't work

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Has anybody tried working with Arria V GX Hard IP DDR3 UniPHY connected to a DDR3 successfully? 

In my case it is 5AGXMB7 connected to two Elpida (now Micron) EDJ4216EFBG-GN-F in x32 configuration on my custom board. 

The calibration for DDR3 passes successfully every time but the data on read gets corrupt after an arbitrary number of read commands. 

Same with the write operation. It stops writing after writing some number of words at a page. 

After changing a page the operation continues. 

Looks like the operations stop acting appropriately when they get overlapped by a refresh operation. 

Also the soft reset helps to resume normal operation for a small period. 

Any ideas on possible solutions?
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Found a memory device timing inconsistency.  

Works now. 

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