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Beginner Pin assignment Problem Deo nano



I am new to fpga and vhdl. I am trying to make a i2c bridge between ARM (Sam4s Xplained pro) and Deo nano. I used a i2c slave source from It worked fine, I can read and write array to deo nano. Now the problem is that I have 80 IO in total, some are pwm, and some are encoder reading, all work perfectly, when I used the below pinouts. (I took it randomly at the beginning)  

However, Now due to convenience I want to use the below pinouts  


But it is now working! if I load it, the i2c bridge stops working. but both ARM and deo nano do the other tasks normally, except they dont talk.  


Is there any formal way to erase the previous pinouts in Quartus? what I am missing? 

Thanks for your answers
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