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Board support paclage updates

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I have a design using NIOS2 and everything was okey until I had to extend my NIOS with an additional PIO.

After that, my main.c can't find the new PIO, I deleted the bsp from disk and creadted a new one, nothing helps.

I checked the .scopcinfo file, date and content, yes, new date and new PIO in it.

Is there any (working) description how to deal with a NIOS hardware (peripherals) update?

Thanks a lot for helping.

With best regards


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.. so, I copied the section defining the new PIO out of system.h into main.c and it works now. But that isn't very handy.


I also renamed system.h to be sure there is no older version of this file referenced and all references to hardware definitions instantely failed.

I also searched the file system for more copies of system.h, no there.

It is spooky.

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Hi @Gerhard56,

Thank you for posting and sharing the finding in Intel community forum, hope this message find you well and apologies for the delayed in response.
Good to know that you managed to find a workaround for that, per my understanding there are a few things to check on 1) If the system.h files are updated, we just need to update the BSP (i.e. Nios II -> BSP -> Generate BSP). 2) Right click the Nios II project Index -> Rebuild, newly adding component should be defined in system.h. 3) If the major changes (i.e. platform designer instantiation changed, system interface) better approached is to generate a new BSP and make sure the application properties point to the newly created BSP.
Hope that help to makes things easier.

Best Wishes

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