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Cfi S29al032d



I am working on a DE1 starter kit. 

I want to use the CFI with SOPC. I have quartus II 6.1 and NIOS2 6.1. 

Here you can find my project with SOPC : (


Here you can find a part of my top level whit the links between the CFI and my SOPC. (


But I have a problem with NIOS2 when i try to run my program or when i try to flash my CFI, I have this kind of message: 

Using cable "USB-Blaster ", device 1, instance 0x00 Pausing target processor: OK Reading System ID at address 0x00405130: verified Initializing CPU cache (if present) OK Downloading 00000000 ( 0%) Downloaded 10KB in 0.1s Verifying 00000000 ( 0%) Verify failed between address 0x0 and 0x2787 Leaving target processor paused I have read a lot of advice on this forum:
  • to check my reset address 

  • to check my execption address (


but now i have no idea. 

I don't understand. 

On my design the reset is on the vcc, is it correct? 

i set the setup and hold time of the CFI at 70ns. Is-it correct? 

Please help me :( 


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Hello everybody, 


somebody has an idea? 


Best regards 


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In your QSYS (SOPC) tool you might have besides flash memory on-chip memory. In setting of the Nios2 set both vectors to that on-chip memory. Than build QSYS, compile design and program the FPGA. After that create a project in Eclipse. Than open Eclipse>NiosII>BSP_editor and open the bsp file stored in your project. In BSP editor click on the Linker script, than in Linker region name change value from flash memory to on-chip memory, generate and save. 


I've fix this problem this way.