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Clock Video Input (CVI) usage in VIP IP Core suite

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Hi All, 


I am a newbie to the Video and Image processing field. Pardon if my questions sound silly :) 


Let me elaborate a bit what we are trying to do: 


We are using Arria 10 SoC and Terasic HDMI-FMC card ( to take camera feed and store it in DDR4 memory. Terasic HDMI-FMC board has HDMI Receiver (ADV7619) that takes TMDS signal and outputs (H_SYNC, V_SYNC, DATA(R[15:0], G[15:0], B[15:0]), PCLK and DE (Data enable). With this configuration do I need to have CVI (Clock Video Input) block in the VIP IP Suite to extract the frame and store it in DDR4 memory. Currently, I am not planning to perform any processing on the video frames: My plan is to simply take the frame and store it in DDR4 memory. I have gone through the VIP IP Core user guide, but I still have some doubts. 


With that said I have below questions 


1. Is it a good idea to have CVI block and then use the output of CVI (Avalon-ST Video) to store the extracted frame into DDR4? 


2. Or else have my own logic to extract the frame? Based on H_SYNC, V_SYNC, DE etc.. 


Thank you. 



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