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Custom Circuit board Analog to Digital FPGA


I have a case number: 04777400

I am looking for a development partner for a custom board to acquire ultrasound imaging data with the following specifications: 

Analog (ultra low noise): Preamp 20 dB with; variable input impedance, ~ 100W-20kW; Analog front-end Amp 50 dB, 0.1-15 MHz; with possibility to change input impedance from 50 Ohm to 50 kOhm

Digital: FPGA (Intel); 128-1024 Ch; ADC 14 bit, ±1.25V; up to 65 MHz smp/sec; Dynamic range 12 bit min

Ultrasound Transducers: 128 elements (with possible utilization of pMUT arrays with 4096 elements or even 2-3 pMUT arrays in one system).; Transducer frequency: 0.1-10 MHz (Opto-Acoustic mode), 1-15 MHz (Ultrasound Mode); Gain control, TGC 5-10 sliders 60 dB, overall gain control; A-line = 8096 samples min at 65 MHz sampling rate; Number of independent T/R channels equals to number of transducers; Imaging modes: B and M ultrasound, color Doppler, optoacoustic, differential functional imaging; Acoustic Power control: slider, 64 steps minimum. +-5…+-65V

Control Software (Firmware): OS - Windows 64bit or Linux or suggest embedded software OS to control; Possibly create cloud-based firmware for additional software security – downloads to RAM for each use; Possibility to store and transfer RF post-beamformed ultrasound and optoacoustic RF signal channel data to the PC; Develop graphical user interface

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Hi @AlexW 

Below link will allow you to search for a design services partners, who mostly can do a custom FPGA board designs.

In that page, select “Design Services” to find design services partners (no need to use filters if you want to see the full list).

I hope this helps.


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