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Cyclone 10 GX LVDS clock buffer

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When working with Cyclone 5 I remember having to buffer PLL output clocks before I can feed them to ALTLVDS. There's a cyclonev_pll_lvds_output in cyclonev_atoms.v I can use. 


cyclonev_pll_lvds_output# ( 



cyclonev_pll_lvds_output_inst ( 

.ccout({load_unbuf, clk_unbuf}), 





Cyclone 10GX appears to require this too. After searching a bit there's a cyclone10gx_lvds_clock_tree inside cyclone10gx_atoms.v that looks suspiciously similar to the Cyclone5 version. So I tried this: 


cyclone10gx_lvds_clock_tree lvds_clkbuf ( 

.lvdsfclk_in(clk_unbuf), .loaden_in(load_unbuf), 

.lvdsfclk_out(clk_buffed), .loaden_out(load_buffed), 

.lvdsfclk_top_out(), .loaden_top_out(), 

.lvdsfclk_bot_out(), .loaden_bot_out() 



However Quartus crashed when compiling. Submitted automated crash report and everything. 


But am I on the right track though?
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