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Cyclone 10 MSEL Pins

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Dear Supporters: 

I have a question regarding to the MSEL pins configuration. For the Cyclone 10 VCCA pins, the Device Datasheet says the VCCA pins must be connected to 2.5V power source. But the MSEL pins configuration table in chapter 6.3.1 I/O Handbooks, we could see the table shows the VCCA has 3.3V/3.0V/2.5V options. Any conflict about that? 


In my design with Cyclone 10 10CL006 U256, the VCCA is provided with 2.5V source, all the other VCCIOs are provided with 3.3V power source. the MSEL[2:0]=101, ASx1, Fast POR, 3.3V IO. Is the MSEL correct? Thanks. 


BTW, 10CL006 device only has three MSEL pins, the MSEL configuration table shows four MSEL pins. Is it correct?
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You want to refer to the most recent Cyclone 10 device handbook which has a dedicated table for devices with 3 MSEL lines. As with previous Cyclone devices, the small FPGA types have MSEL2 and 3 bonded to MSEL 2 pin. 


The posted table seems erroneous. The recent doc is clarifying that the configuration voltage selection refers to VCCIO in which the configuration pins reside. 


I believe that using VCCA as MSEL high level isn't an absolute requirement. It's however essential that the MSEL level is valid when VCCA powers up, connect it to VCCA is the straightforward way to achieve it.

So is it also OK? when the MSEL are connected to VCCIO 3.3V?​

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Thank you so much your for support. Now, everything is clear with the latest Handbook released on 22-Dec-2017.