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Cyclone V GX Starter Kit, HDMI, SDCard and LPDDR2



I buy this nice board. And I try create small application. I want: 

1. NIOS gets picture from SDCard 

2. NIOS puts pixel's information to LPDDR2 

3. NIOS sets settings for ADV7213 (HDMI Transsmitter) 

4. FPGA gets information from LPDDR2 and transssmit it to HDMI 

5. User pushes down button and NIOS gets anouther picture from SDCard. 


Now I can read from SDCard. I wrote HDMI module and I can set pixel's color (I have "X" and "Y" from screen.) 


But I don't understand how I can use LPDDR2 no my HDMI module. I try start with "LPDDR2 SDRAM Controller with UniPHY v15.0" 


For test I want push to LPDDR2 some information and read later. My code: 


always @(posedge HDMI_TX_CLK) begin if (generateImage) begin if (lpddr_request == 2'b10) lpddr_request <= 2'b00; else begin genX <= genX+1; if (genX >= screenW) begin genX <= 32'b0; genY <= genY + 1; end if (genY >= screenH) begin genY <= 32'b0; generateImage <= 1'b0; lpddr_request <= 2'b00; end else begin lpddr_address = genY*screenW + genX; if (genX >= genY) lpddr_write <= 32'hFF000000; else lpddr_write <= 32'h00FF0000; lpddr_request <= 2'b10; end end end else begin if ( ~lpddr_ready ) begin lpddr_request = 2'b00; RGB <= 24'hFFFFFF; end else begin lpddr_request = 2'b11; lpddr_address = y*screenW + x; RGB = lpddr_read; end end end  


I calculate "x" and "y" with vertical and horizontal sync. 


P.S. I watched all videos on youtube with keywords:"LPDDR2 FPGA Altera and ect".
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If you want to understand the mSGDMA controller & a Video Frame Buffer for HDMI then the files I put on the altera wiki a few weeks ago may help you.