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Cyclone V High Speed ADC

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I am preparing for my master Thesis and have some questions to High Speed ADC users  


My Task is to measure at least with 8 Bit at 1 Gs/S. I've found some nice products from AD for example the AD9680 which Comes with 14 Bit and 1 Gs/S. My Task is to connect it to a Cyclone V Derivate to use the data in the HPS, in Linux. 


I've found some Eval boards (like lf1000ebz or ad-fmcdaq2-ebz) for example. There is also dedicated HDL and Software for the usage with Aria 10 Boards or with Xilinx products. 


I have this board ( ( for Evaluation, is it possible to connect the Driver sets and any Evaluation board to my Cyclone V? It is possible to us to build Bridge PCBs. 



Or do you have additional informations or helpful hints for my Task? 


Thanks a lot  


- Nils
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