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Downloading on the custom MAX10 board with USB Blaster

Hello everyone of our forum. 


I have a question about interfacing to the fpga board using the usb blaster. 


We designed the custom FPGA board equipped with MAX 10 chip (10M50DAF484C8G). 


Meanwhile, the other custom Cyclone IV FPGA board in our lab can interface with the PC by using USB Blaster.  


However, the MAX 10 FPGA board cannot do that on the same situation.  


In detail, Auto decect in Altera Quartus II programmer dosen't work not at all.  


I don't know well our problem.  


Just to be sure, I think the cause of it is that I don't use the USB Blaster II.  


I make a request to you about solving it.  


Thank you. 





Designing and testing of MAX 10 FPGA board obeys the reference of Altera document.
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You need to check a number of things - again probably. As you suspect, the Auto-Detect should work just as it does on your Cyclone IV board. 


Is the MAX 10 device powered properly? Does every power pin have power? 

Is JTAGEN pulled up? 

Is nCONFIG pulled up? 


Use a development board as a reference design and compare your schematic to that. Look at the documentation and schematic for the max 10 fpga evaluation kit (, as well as the "max 10 fpga development kit (" which uses the same device you're using. 



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