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EP2S90F1020I4 Original Product


Type number of EP2S90F1020I4 is bought from our supplier, but the supplier did not send information about the products' lot number or trace code. Therefore, we suspected about whether the product is fake or not. There are different types of the product which are produced in Taiwan and Korea. We sure that the one produced in Korea is original but, because Korea and Taiwan products are different, it cannot be confirmed that Taiwan product is original. The attachments shows the difference between the products. It can also be seen that the width of the products are different. Could you help about how the Taiwan product can be confirmed if it is original?

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Hi Burakakyurek,


Thank you for contacting Intel Community. For your information, Intel had announced the ASEK (Country of Origin: Taiwan)as an additional assembly site for selected Stratix device family products. Therefore you could receive the Stratix II device - EP2S90F1020I4 from a different country of origin. For details, kindly refer to the PCN1904 for more information:


Intel PSG has its authorized distributor to sell Intel devices. If the customer got the devices from formal distributors, they shouldn’t worry about the device authenticity as the devices must be valid units. Otherwise, we do not ensure the device quality and do not provide further service. You may find the authorized distributor list from the link below:

We appreciate for your understanding.


Thank you



Chia Ling

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