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EPCS16 Programming through Cyclone3 Device using JTAG



I am trying to program an EPCS16 device through a Cyclone 3 device. There are many such daughter boards which are connected to a single JTAG via a host Cyclon 2 device. IN short my configuration is like: 


Host Cyclone2 --> Daughter-1 Cyclone3 --> EPCS16 

|--> Daughter-2 Cyclone3 --> EPCS16 

|--> Daughter-N Cyclone3 --> EPCS16 


Host only multiplex JTAG signals for all daughter Cyclone3 devices. 


My USB Blaster can detect daughter Cyclone3 and EPCS16 devices through host Cyclone2 and I can program them using (jam) file, but can't program using (jic) file. But if I just bypass host Cyclone2 and connect the USB blaster directly with Cyclone3, I can program using (jic) file and also can verify. Now I want to program the EPCS16 devices with (jic) files through host Cyclone2, becasue (jam) files do not give me the option for verify.  


Kindly guide me, what possible problem can be there. How may I; either program (jic) file through host Cyclone2 OR verify after programming (jam) file. 


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