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EPM7032(S) Commerical & Industrial Temperature Ratings


The latest (last) version 6.7 of the MAX 7000 Programmable Logic Device Family Data Sheet does not contain any ordering information but references both commercial and industrial temperature parts.


I have come across an old scanned data book from 1993 for the MAX 7000 (presumably before the S suffix parts came out) which does have an ordering information section showing C for commercial and I for industrial, e.g. EPM7032TI-15.


Would I be correct in assuming this convention applied to the EPM7032S such that the EPM7064STC44-10 was a commercial temperature rated part? Or, is there any possibility that Altera didn't offer commercial temperature EPM7000S parts and they were all industrial temperature range but they carried on calling them EPM7xxxSxC rather than EPM7xxxSxI?


I appreciate these parts have been discontinued.


Edit: I have looked at some historic part numbers in PDN0903 and can see that industrial temperature rated parts are mentioned, e.g.  EPM7064STI44-7 which means that there were two temperature ranges of parts in the MAX7000S family.

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This part has long been obsolete. Thus, I do not have enough resource to support this case. Please refer to this link: to


Thank you.

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