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EPM7128AETC144 with Byteblaster ii and Quartus Webpack

Hi all,  


I'm currently trying to communicate with an older Altera part (EPM7128AETC144), I'm using quartus 2 10.1 SP1, with the Byteblaster ii. I just soldered together a little board with pull up resistors for TDI, TMS, and TDO and a pull down for TCK.. I have all the VCCINT and VCCIO set to 3.3 and the GNDINT and GNDIO all grounded.. Both the VCCINT/VCCIO and GNDINT/GNDIO are on the same respective plane but that shouldn't matter.  


- My issue is that when I try to auto detect the device, it can't find it. When I go to Jtag debugger, and run the integrity or IDCODE test, I don't get a positive or negative outcome and when I go to the other page, I get a bad clock error..  


I can't find much more information on what to do other than pulling the TDO high or leaving it open (contradicting Altera information everywhere). Any help? I would greatly appreciate any steps in the right direction. Thank for your time!
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