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Erased CFM0 on Max 10 - Can't find JTAG Connection

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I am running some tests on the Max 10, performing read/write/erase operations on the the UFM and CFM. Once of these tasks was to erase the sector 5, containing Image 0, to check that the device would default to image 2. 


It appeared that this test was succesful (the device no longer is able to load into Imgae 0). However, I am not able to connect to the Max 10 via the JTAG interface to reprogram it.  




Using the Quartus 17.1 Programmer, trying to "Auto Detect" the device gives the following error: 

- "Unable to scan device chain. Hardware is not connected." 




The USB Blaster II driver identifies the device when it is plugged in and switched on. However, it seems to keep sending messages switching between "Device Attached" and "Device Detached" while the Max 10 is plugged in, switched on and left untouched.  




It seems like there is a problem with the JTAG connection. I have tried a different Max 10 Development Board on the same PC, with exactly the same setupand it seems to be working fine. The only difference between the two development boards as I can see is that I have completely erased Image 0 from the CFM.  



Is it possible that this may have cause some issues with the JTAG connection to the Max 10? 



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No, messing with the flash memory would not affect your JTAG connection to the device. Something else is going on with that board.

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I didn't think that it would cause any problems, I was just starting to doubt myself given the timing of when the issue started to occur. Thanks for the reply.