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Error (209026): Blank-Check failed on device 1

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my quartus revision is 13.1,device is cyclone 3(3C5),configure device is EPCS4 

when i download jic file by jtag,quartus show me the message"Error (209026): Blank-Check failed on device 1" 

if i do not select blank-check,the download of jic file will be OK 

I want to know what is the reason of this problem...:confused: 

thank you very much...
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Well, you enabled the checking that the device is blank (unprogrammed) by selecting 'blank check'. 


If you don't want to be warned that you are programming over an already programmed image, then turn 'blank check' off. 


Most folks will not enable checking for a blank device before programming on a development board, as you are (probably) reprogramming it all the time.
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Our production programmer has found that they intermittently observe blank check failures even though they have performed the erase operation prior to the blank check. Additionally, I asked them to read back the JIC file from the suspect device, EPCS4 (same as mentioned above), and confirmed that the entire 512Kbytes of memory shown in the JIC file was blank. It appears that the Quartus Programming software itself has a bug that sometimes incorrectly reports a Blank check failure. The Quartus version is "19.3.0 Build 222 09/23/2019 SC Pro Edition". My recommendation is for our production test to be updated to skip the Blank Check which should work since they do not seem to have any failures if they just do a Program / Verify operation. However, it would be good to know if there is an errata for the programming tool to explain the apparent incorrect behavior.

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