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Error Compiling Arria V Hardware Design


I'm trying to build an Arria V custom preloader and I'm following the instructions listed here : . I'm getting build errors when I try to "Compile the Design in Quartus" I get errors and it won't build. The attached Screenshot shows the actual error. Any ideas on what I need to do to get this to work? I'm using the 19.1 versions of everything because that is what the web site said to use, but I have the same problem if I try to use the 20.1.1 version. Here are the links to the individual parts :

Intel SoC FPGA Embedded Development Suite, Standard Edition : :

Quartus Standard Edition, Multiple File Download, Quartus Prime Standard Edition Sofware (Device support not included) : Quartus- :

Quartus Standard Edition, Multiple File Download, Quartus Prime Device Package 2 (Arria series except Arria 10) : Quartus- :

Golden System Reference Design (GSRD) : av_soc_devkit_ghrd.tar.gz :

Generating and Compiling the PreLoader :

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I got an answer from Intel support which solves the mystery.


I was able to replicate the same issue. It looks like the GHRD from that release has a problem. The only combination that works is using Quartus 18.1std and the GHRD from Rocketboards:

Arria5 av_soc_devkit_ghrd.tar.gz GHRD design

Unfortunately, we have discontinued the Arria 5 devkit in 2018. This is why the last stable version we have is 18.1std.
On the other hand, if you can generate the binaries from Quartus you should be able to generate U-boot following the same instructions as we do for Cyclone V. Please refer to the new flow at:

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