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How can I use MT25Q [Micron] Configuration Device to Cyclone III


As i Listen Below link Altera KDB.. MT25Q Start to Quartus. 17.1


I searched.. Micron® Flash Memory Support for Intel® FPGA Platforms


Micron Said abailable for Cy III, Altera Said Start Quartus 17.1[Cy III Until Quartus13.1]


Is Any one How can Use it for..

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Hi jjang,


May I know are you planning to use the Active Serial configuration scheme or Passive Serial configuration scheme with the Cyclone III device? Please refer to the attached document that you provide from Micron. As you can observe from the table did mention they validate the MT25Q for Passive Serial configuration scheme for Cyclone III using PFL IP in CPLD device. Thus you can still use the PFL IP v18.1 (in CPLD such as MAX V or MAX II) with MT25Q device to configure the Cyclone III via Passive Serial configuration scheme.


This KDB only reflect the MT25Q support for Active Serial configuration scheme in the Intel Quartus Prime software version 17.1 and later.


For Cyclone III and older mature devices available in Quartus II v13.1, please use EPCQ-A flash device for Active Serial configuration support. You can refer to the following KDB for the patch to enable the EPCQ-A flash device support into Quartus II v13.1.