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How do I use the Max II internal oscillator in a schematic?

I've read the guide on using the internal oscillator, and looked at the bundled Verilog (though I don't know much about that I can just about follow what's going on). It seems to wire OSCENA to an input pin to start the thing producing a signal. I've been trying to do the equivalent in the schematic builder, but to no avail. I've attached the schematic, I know even if this worked the LED would be flashing too fast to see, but so far via simulation I've been unable to see anything but LOW on the LED output pin. 


Is it possible to use the oscillator via the schematic builder? If so, can someone give me some pointers on where I'm going wrong? Very new to this stuff!
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I think you need to use the sdc file and create clock for it: 

create_clock -name int_osc_clk -period <insert period here> [get_pins -compatibility_mode {*oscillator_dut|clkout}]