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How to configure Quartus settings when using OpenCL SDK for FPGA




I want to compile an OpenCL program into bitstream using AOC compiler. The command `aoc` can generate bitstream, but I am wondering is there any interface with which we can configure the Quartus running under the hood?


For example, I want to set up those Quartus compilation options as followed, how should I do that with AOC?

set_global_assignment -name REMOVE_REDUNDANT_LOGIC_CELLS ON set_global_assignment -name REMOVE_DUPLICATE_REGISTERS OFF set_global_assignment -name OPTIMIZATION_TECHNIQUE SPEED set_global_assignment -name SAFE_STATE_MACHINE ON set_global_assignment -name TIMEQUEST_MULTICORNER_ANALYSIS ON set_global_assignment -name OPTIMIZE_MULTI_CORNER_TIMING ON set_global_assignment -name FITTER_AGGRESSIVE_ROUTABILITY_OPTIMIZATION AUTOMATICALLY

I noticed that after running `aoc` command, AOC will create a build directory. And I can find some QSF files under the build directory. I manually added the TCL commands mentioned to these QSF files right after the build directory is created, and before the Quartus is invoked. However, the area and timing result stays all the same... which indicates that these flags did not take effects...


Any suggestions will be high appreciated.

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Hi ,

The quartus flags has to be added to the Quartus project used to create the OpenCL BSP.

Please have a look at the following link about custom BSP.

Thanks and Regards


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